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Average Moving Costs

Average Moving Rates:


Moving costs vary from state to state. Moving costs also depend on whether you are moving locally or long distance and also the amount of belongings you will be moving. Most moving companies charge the average moving rates of $100 per hour for local moves and $0.40 to $0.60 per pound for long distance moves. You should explore as many moving companies as possible to ensure you choose the right moving company. The move should make your transition to a new place easier, less stressful, hassle free, and moreover cost effective.

Average Hours for Residential Moves to be completed:

1 bedroom – 3-4 hours

2 bedrooms – 4-6 hours

3 bedrooms – 5-7 hours

2 bedroom house – 4-8 hours

3 bedroom house – 6-12 hours

Although these are a rough estimate, the time will also depend on the size of your home and amount of household goods being moved.

Average Costs for Local Moves:

Local moves are charged by the hour, which allots for the travel time and packing labor. Roughly, you can expect to pay on average $70 to $100 for two men and a truck. You should also think about extra costs for packing materials and other services. Some moving companies also do free quotes, which are a great idea to get a rough estimate of how much it will cost you to move.

Average Costs for Long Distance Moves:

Generally, you will have two main options when moving cross-country. There is typically full moving service and partial moving service. It is difficult to have an average price for long-distance moves as the costs are determined by the weight and the cubic feet of the items and distance, as opposed to the hourly rate with local moves. You should request an in-house estimate to get a rough idea of what the cost will be for a long distance move.

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Preferable Moving Companies in Hampton Roads:

Harrison’s Moving & Storage: 757-397-1248, 1-866-320-2082,

Hampton Roads Moving & Storage: 1-800-561-2929, 757-485-0011,

Absolute Moving Company: 757-486-8001,

Aaron Lee’s Moving & Storage Company: 757-450-5227,

New Bell Moving and Storage: 1-800-592-2946, 757-625-7631,

Triumph Moving & Storage: 757-404-6683, 757-855-MOVE,